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Friendly Farmer Learn + PLAY Calendar First Look

October 25, 2019

Friendly Farmer is the newest addition to the Learn + PLAY calendar collection! For the month of November we are exploring all things farm related. Help friendly farmers measure their animals and tools, feed the chicks, and get their chores done on the right day each week! This calendar includes over 20 activities, bonus printable, a book list and more! Curious to see how we will play? Keep scrolling to check out our friendly farmer fun! 

One of the GREAT things about learn + play calendars is that they require very little extra materials to play. Usually you can find the extra materials around your home or very inexpensively at the grocery store.

This activity was an instant hit! Bright, colorful animal pieces make it extra sweet! In this activity your little will practice number recognition, one-to-one correspondence and problem solving! 

What’s Missing? is a great activity to review the letters of the alphabet and practice deduction skills as your little determines what letters are missing. 

Our most recent artist study was Jackson Pollack. As I read Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm I knew we would just have to combine the two! This splatter painting page is the perfect companion to the picture book, Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Farm! by Joy Cowley

A good sensory activity is always a preschool favorite! Fill a small container with dried popcorn kernels and lowercase hens. Then match the lowercase hens with the uppercase hen houses. 

Bigger littles may be ready for  some word making creativity. Piggie Word Families is a great way to practice building words and blending sounds.

A great way to introduce measurement is through using non-standard measurement. Use corn kernels, candy corn, paper clips, etc to measure various animals and tools around the farm! 

We wouldn’t think of skipping a STEM experiment this month! We are going to have fun making homemade creamy butter. We’ll take turns shaking the mason jar and with a little help from mom or dad the job is done! You’ll explore changes in matter AND enjoy a savory treat after! 

Raise your hand it you LOVE a mess free craft! Extra bonus points if the craft is mess free AND uses paint! Zip bag painting projects are a favorite of mine and my littles too! Just slip the piggie in a gallon sized ziplock bag, add a blob of paint, seal the bag, and play! (be sure to print on card stock for this activity.)

Beep! Beep! Beep! The Little Blue Truck is ready for a treat! This activity combines snack time and playful listening. Add animal crackers to your “mud” and listen along to this classic picture book! 

Sticky activities will have everyone pleading for a turn to play! The soft sensory sheep activity combined with Press and Seal and cotton balls will be a ball for littles and bigs alike! 

We LOVE puzzles! I love them even more when my cute crew plays and doesn’t realize they’re learning too! Number puzzles are a super engaging  and meaningful way to play! 

Sing the days of the week song and play Farm Chores. Read the sentences with your little. (Let them use the pictures as clues) Then, have your little put the right person on the right day of the week to complete their chores. Problem solving and reviewing the days of the week all at the same time! 

Practice comparing sizes with this activity coloring large animals one color and smaller animals a different color. 

Another STEM activity exploring more about the animals of a farm.

Cut, paste, and play! 

Scissor skills sharpener with tractor themed fun! 

This one is so much fun!!! Assemble the animal cube nets and get set to play! 

Love it or hate it, there are really only two options when it come to candy corn. This activity doesn’t require you to use candy corn but it sure does taste yummy! Feed the chicks by reading the number on the lower right corner then add that number of treats to the card to feed the chicks! 

Vowels can be tricky. Practice making the different sounds of the vowels with chick sticks! Glue each vowel letter and image chick back to back on a popsicle stick. Then grab your sticks from time to time to practice saying the long and short vowel sounds.

And can you believe there is STILL MORE in the calendar! ? I have our preschool bin all prepped and ready to share! Be sure to check my Friendly Farmer highlight icon on Instagram to see the activities in action! 

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