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Space Books that are Out of this World

January 10, 2020

One of our favorite things to do with a new calendar is to load up on new books! Of course, with our space study a trip to the library was a must. However, with dwindling colds and a flu season threatening to be worse than decades past we opted for simply picking up holds. Our library is amazing and has a drive through option at a couple locations- BRILLIANT! 

As always I like to keep a good balance of both fiction and non fiction with picture books being our preference. The best way to draw in pre readers is with pictures whether they are hand drawn or lovely photographs, a picture will instantly spark the imaginations of littles long before they can read. I’m also including an early reader book in this post as my oldest has taken off on her reading ability and I so want to encourage her to read and imagine all things space related independently! 

I hope you find this list helpful and as always if you have a suggestion or addition, I’d love to hear it! 

Everything Space

by Helene Becker

A National Geographic book is filled with all kinds of great photographs and facts. It’s an engaging page turner perfect for all ages! My littles loved the layout of this book! 

First on the Moon

by Barbara Hehner

This book focuses on Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong’s mission to the moon. It beautifully incorporates numerous diagrams, real photographs, and hand draw sketches. This book is heavy on information but the side bars with information are more easily digestible.

Moon Earth's Best Friend

by Stacy McAnulty

This sweet book personifies the moon with fun cartoon images. It’s filled with facts and information. I differ with Moon’s explanation of her creation but that’s a simple and important conversation starter with my littles so I didn’t count it as that big of a deal. Something to keep in mind as we explore non fiction space books, over and over we’ll see evolutionary theory. While we do not agree or believe that theory it is good for us to have conversations about it with our littles. It’s a perfect way to tie in scripture. We see in Genesis 1:16 that “God made the two great lights- the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night…”


by J.P. Bloom

I loved this book for my big girl. It’s a wonderful, new-reader reference book. Each page has a beautiful, full page photograph and it’s full of information. This book is part of a larger collection of books on planets. They would be perfect for a beginners report. 

A Kite for Moon

by Jane Yolen

This is another great picture book honoring Neil Armstrong’s journey to the moon. The reader follows one little boy’s journey from adoring the moon to traveling up as an astronaut to be the first man on the moon. 

Don't forget your January Reading Log to track all the great books you're reading this month!

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