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February Morning Basket

February 5, 2020

Hello February! It’s the 5th and I have our morning basket together enough to pictures and share it! That’s a major win! As always our basket is minimal. I can think of so many things to add but the truth is, we can only do so much. If I fill it up I tend to get discouraged with how much we don’t get to, so my solution is to include less and add more on days that afford more. 

Want to see what’s inside? Let’s take a look:

First off, I have loved this Magnolia basket for almost a year. It’s sturdy and open so we can see what’s inside. Little things don’t get lost on the bottom and my littles are immediately engaged seeing what’s inside! (Thanks, Joshua, for a GREAT Mother’s Day gift! You’re the BEST!)

Just as I need to start my day spending time with the Lord and in scripture I know my littles need it too. This month we are reading through Sally Lloyd Jones’ devotional book, Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing. The passages are super short and I tend to add a little extra to them- making it more specifically meaningful to my crew. We also practice (or some days just listen to) our hymn of the month from @HappyHymnody. This month we are learning The Love of God and it’s so perfectly beautiful for all we are talking about this month! 

We also take a minute each morning to look at our traceable calendar. We count and trace every number up to the date we are on (for example, today is the 5th so we counted and traced 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 on the calendar) It starts out pretty short and ends up taking a little longer toward the end of the month. As a I read my littles will sometimes do a puzzle (like these from the Playful Pets and Busy Birds Learn + PLAY calendars) or tracing cards (like these from the Playful Pets Learn + PLAY calendar.)

This is when we read picture books too. I try to swap these out everyday. It’s a great way to make sure we include some time to read all together right away in the morning. If you have littles not homeschooling or going to school yet this is a perfect way to fill their little love tank each morning before getting going. 

Last but DEFINITELY not least is our Valentine coloring cards. These are a big hit every morning and they suit perfect for my littles to work on as I read or after breakfast while I’m clean up dishes and the kitchen. I love brainstorming with my cute crew all the family members and friends they will give the valentines to! (You can find these in my newest release, Love Notes Learn + PLAY)


That’s it! Like I said, I do keep our basket minimal. It’s a great tool to start our day together centering on truth and inspiring cooperative creative fun! Have a question about morning basket resources or our morning basket routine? Feel free to email me at hello@everydaylearnandplay.com or add a comment below! 

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