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Explore Outdoors: Backyard Nature Journal

March 13, 2020

One easy way to expend some energy is to get out and play! When I taught kindergarten we had two playgrounds. One with a simple open yard- no toys or equipment and another with a full playground set up- swings, sand area, slides, etc. Would you believe the open area was our preferred play area? The children came up with ideas and games on their own and loved it. 

I’m sharing that to say that regardless of what your backyard looks like or what it holds- your children can still have a wonderful time playing! Right now we are looking at spending a number of days at home and when the weather is nice we will definitely be taking advantage of it. Just for fun I created a Backyard Nature Journal and my littles were instantly intrigued and thrilled to hunt around the yard! 

I made a quick homemade clipboard, attached a pencil, and added the printable journal. // To make a home made clipboard all you need is a large piece of cardboard (approximately 9×6 inches) add a paper clip to the top and attach a pencil with string. It’s nothing fancy but it’s the small things that make our littles so happy.

Ready to get out and explore?! Grab my newest FREE printable here.

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