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Little Lessons a Companion Curriculum to Learn + PLAY Calendars

July 16, 2020

Over the last year you've been asking and finally I am thrilled to share...it's here!

Homeschooling certainly looks a lot like 2020- different. Whether you planned to homeschool or found yourself unexpectedly in new territory I’m excited so share something I’ve been working on just for you! The preschool/early K years are such a fun season! For two years now I’ve been writing monthly themed calendars focused on learning through play. Independently they are a wonderful tool to spark a love for a variety of interests. Many families have asked if the calendars are a curriculum on their own. As much as I love them and think they are a wonderful tool I think we could be left with a few loop holes along the way. Certainly a preschooler and early kindergartener would be prepared having completed these activities but there were a few areas I wanted to touch on specifically to make this a complete curriculum. (concepts of print, writing, etc) As my younger two are moving up through preschool and one heads into kindergarten I wanted to create a more structured resource to use as we continue to play but also makes sure we touch on all the standard objectives for these years. 

We will use the Little Lessons curriculum to support the calendars as we Learn + PLAY this year! To give you a better idea of what the curriculum looks like I’ve taken questions and compiled them here for an easy Q&A break down. 

Q: Do I have to use the Learn + PLAY calendars for the curriculum?

A: Yes, the curriculum depends on daily interactive play through the variety of activities prepared in each Learn + PLAY calendar.

Q: Does it matter which calendar I use? Can I use ones I already have?

A: It doesn’t matter what calendar you use! I wanted to create the curriculum to be customizable to your interests and what resources you have available. Simply “plug in” the calendar that sparks the most JOY in your family! 

Q: How long is the curriculum?

A: The full curriculum is 32 weeks long. This is a growing collection so there are currently 8 weeks completed and available. If you purchase now the additional 24 weeks will be sent to you at no additional cost.

Q: What standards are the lessons based off of?

A: I used the early learning standards and guidelines available for each state from the Department of Health and Human Services. These cover concepts in the following areas: emergent literacy, emergent writing, emergent communication, emergent math, science, social studies, fine arts, and social emotional areas.

Weeks 1-8 Objectives

Scroll down to the end of the blog post for a full set of objectives for the entire curriculum.

Q: What age/grade would the curriculum work best for?

A: Children all develop at different rates. Some are ready for concepts before others. This curriculum will primarily suit preschoolers and transitional kindergarteners. In our family our kindergartener will use this curriculum, the How to Read in 100 Lessons book, and a math curriculum for her academic year.

Q: Are there a lot of full color pages/activities in the curriculum?

A: This curriculum is significantly different from my Learn + PLAY calendars in that I have tried to keep the file as minimal with color as possible. The student activity pages are all in black and white. However, the weekly organizer and some administrative pages do include some color. 

Q: What supplies will I need with this curriculum?

A: I try my best to keep supplies at a minimum. Most of what you need you will be able to find around the house. There is a small handful of school supplies you’ll want to pick up for the curriculum if you don’t already have them.

Q: How long will it take to complete lessons each day?

A: This is another area that will vary based your child. Most children will be able to complete all the activities in 30 minutes or less. We like to break up our activity times into two 15 minute sessions through out the day. 

Q: What does a “growing collection” mean? Why are there just 8 weeks in the download?

A: This curriculum is a growing collection which means that over the next weeks I will be adding to it. The purchase price reflects the current state of the curriculum. It is being introduced at the price of just $15. If you purchase it now you will get the three remainder quarters for free. Each time I add a set of 8 weeks to the file the price will increase by $5 until it’s completed and the final cost for all 32 weeks will be $30. By purchasing now you gain a signifiant discount. 

Q: How will I receive the additional weeks of curriculum?

A: The additional 3 quarters of curriculum will be available to you any time through Google Drive. You can download, save, use and reuse them as often as you like! 

Q: When is the curriculum available?

A: A soft release of the curriculum will be available to email subscribers on Friday, July 17th. The first release will be Monday, July20. Families can purchase the full curriculum at $15 and receive the remainder lessons as they come available for free! 

Curriculum Objectives

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