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OSMO: Little Genius Review

November 21, 2020

Is there anything more fun than pretend play when you’re little? From dress ups to all the imaginary scenarios I can’t tell you how many hours my littles spend playing pretend! Especially since we’ve spent a lot of extra time here at home this year those dress ups have been getting in a lot of extra mileage! Anyone else have littles who stay in dress ups all day long because we’re not going anywhere? 

When I saw OSMO included Costume Party in their Little Genius Starter Kit I instantly knew it would be a hit! It’s not only adorable but it touches on so many areas we’ve been working on for preschool here at home this year. I love how my cute crew can practice discernment, listening, and following directions as they play!  The kit comes with a total of 6 games. All of the games help support what we’re doing in our homeschool lessons. From building letters, counting, and practicing multi step directions I can’t say enough how much I love this kit. My kids just think they’re playing and ask daily for OSMO time! They’re practicing great number and letter formation through play and don’t even realize it! 

I’ve shared before that screen time has to be limited in our home. However, I do think there is a really great time and place for technology. When used intentionally and with moderation it can definitely have benefits. When we use screens I like for them to have educational value. (How can we use this time to learn and grow?) OSMO consistently checks those boxes. In addition we are more aware of the sensory input of technology and I absolutely LOVE some of the helpful perimeters OSMO puts on their games. You can control how much they children are prompted to do activities via the OSMO character, you can control the background music/sound, and you can even limit sound effects if needed! This may seem small and maybe silly but families with littles who are easily sensory overloaded it’s an incredible feature! 

This starter kit was gifted to us by the OSMO Social Club, however, we actually purchased our first starter kit around this time last year! OSMO runs awesome holiday sales! We got the Creative Genius Starter Kit and my oldest loved it! 

One of our other favorite activities in the set is ABCs. We build the letters, name the letters, and say the letters! It’s just so great! Hands-on, brains-on, and interactive! If you’re looking for that perfect gift to go under the tree be sure to check out OSMO. These activities are perfect for my preschooler and kindergartener but they have so many other great games for bigger kids too! 

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    November 21, 2020 at 2:48 pm

    I bought the starter kit for my daughter! I’m waiting for Christmas to give it to her! It looks so fun

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