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Garden Sight Words – Five Ways to PLAY

April 7, 2021

Each month I release themed sight word sets. This month you can find sight words from Pre-Primer to 3rd grade in the shapes of eggplants, carrots, tomatoes, etc. While using them as fun flashcards is one idea, we really prefer to turn the cards into simple games. This month I thought I’d share a few of the ways we plan to play. If you have a fun idea too, be sure to comment below and let me know how you’re playing too!

  1. Shape Sort and Read The sight word set includes five words per page. Each of the words is on a different vegetable clip art. You can print out a couple pages (or all of them for your child’s level if they’re ready for it.) Then have you child sort the veggies into different piles. Next, your little can choose a pile to read through. Go one by one through the piles reading the words. 

2. Farmer’s Market Shop Set up the veggies in bowls or baskets and pretend to “shop” a farmers market. You child can pretend to run the farmer’s market stand while you “shop.” Ask for various veggies by saying the words written on them. Have your little look for the word and give it to you in a paper bag.

3. Read it, Build it, Write it Grab a mini dry erase board (or a sheet of paper works just as well.) Have your little use manipulative letters or magnetic letters to spell out the words. Then he/she can copy the word on to the paper. 

4. Veggie Search Start with a smaller number and then add on as your little develops proficiency. Hide 5 sight word veggies around the room (or in a sensory bin.) Then, write those 5 sight words on a board. Have your child choose one word to read, then look for it. When he/she finds it, have them come back to the board and erase the word. Choose another word and repeat until all the words are erased. 

5. Roll and Read Spread out a reasonable number of sight words. Use the FREE downloadable cube to roll a veggie. Whichever one the cube lands on is the one your little should read. Continue until all your little has read all the words. 

As we learn + PLAY through the month we come up with other simple little games here and there. They’re usually born out of natural creativity as we’re doing lessons or practice. If you go ahead and get your words prepped I just know the same will happen for you too! Until then, I hope these ideas help! 

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