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Celebrating the LAST Day of School!

May 18, 2021

Arriving at the end of the school year is a BIG deal- whether you homeschool or not! Think of how much your cute crew has grown and learned over the course of the year. They’ve worked hard, and so have you! The last day is definitely something worthy of celebrating!

In our family we like to take time throughout that last day to celebrate and reflect. I created a simple but meaningful little activity book for FREE and I’m sharing it with you! It’s a great way to reflect on the past year and look forward to the coming year! 

In addition to our school year reflections we like to party a little too! Starting with a fun breakfast! Cinnamon rolls are a traditional celebration breakfast in our family and this last day of school is no exception! To elevate our [store bought] cinnamon rolls just a tad we add sprinkles to the top! I try to decorate the table a little the night before and set out a few fun Summer themed surcies- mostly things I’ve picked up from the dollar spot at target. (Bubbles, chalk, frisbee, sunglasses, etc.)

In addition to our reflection book, we’ll do a little learning through play. We’ll use Learn + PLAY calendar activities and Practice + PLAY activities. Then, I’ll read a special end of the year book. Before we know it, it’ll be lunch and we’ll take the fun out back for a backyard picnic. Instead of room time after lunch today everyone gets to stay outside and play! It’s supposed to be pretty warm so I’m sure popsicles will make an appearance at some point too. Later we’ll enjoy family dinner and talk about our favorite parts of the school year with Daddy. I haven’t told them yet but I’m planning an ice cream sundae party for dessert to wrap up the BEST last day ever! I’m so excited for the change of pace this Summer. We’ll take a small break for about a week or two and then start up a gentle Summer session. More on that coming up soon. 🙂 

I asked my insta friends what their favorite ways to celebrate were and here’s some of the feedback I got! (Aren’t these friends SO much fun?!)

  • Play games together! 
  • Print out Certificates of Completion
  • Lunch at our favorite place! 
  • Ice cream party! 
  • Water balloons
  • Visit a local splash pad
  • “Graduation” gift
  • Set Summer goals
  • Surprise trip to an ice cream shop
  • Getaway/small vacation
  • Pick out a new book at the bookstore
  • Visit a local aquarium
  • Beach trip! 
  • Bonfire with s’mores
  • Stay up late stargazing
  • Kona Ice
  • Wear same shirt as on the first day (be sure to take a picture!)
  • Fun dessert as a family and reflect on the year.
  • Movie night in sleeping bags in family room.
  • Family party! 
  • Water balloon fight
  • Bounce house
  • Go on a picnic
  • Writing about our year in our journal
  • Go to the pool
  • Fancy dinner at home
  • Party with other homeschool families
  • Camping trip
  • Sundaes
  • Bake a cake
  • Visit children’s museum
  • Pizza and a movie
  • Tea party
  • Picnic at the park
  • Measure their growth
  • Take pictures
  • New craft/outdoor supplies
  • Take a picture with “Class of 20–” shirt. it’s big now I’ll see how they grow over the years
  • Special ordered cupcakes or cookies.

No matter how big or small you go, you can’t go wrong adding in a little something special to mark the end of the year! I hope you’ve had a great school year and I can’t wait to share LOTS of summer learning fun soon! Until then, happy celebrating! YOU MADE IT! 

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