2021-2022 Curriculum Picks

July 30, 2021

Here’s a quick run down of our curriculum picks for this coming year. I typically start with the foundational subjects and add in from there.  A wise woman once told me to go slow into the school year. You can prevent burn out by starting with a gentle approach. Then, you can always add in more as you go along and find your stride.

My girls (1st grade, 3rd grade) will continue using The Good and The Beautiful Curriculum. We love how it includes a variety of components- phonics, reading, spelling, writing, grammar, punctuation, literature, poetry, art, and geography! It’s a wonderful all-in-one program. 

The girls will also continue using Masterbooks for Math. We like it’s gentle, confidence building approach. Mastery is a focus that I appreciate in these foundational years. I wrote a blog post last spring about why we made the switch to this program from a different one we had previously used for a couple years. So far we are still enjoying it. It is significantly more gentle and simple. 

As opposed to a traditional writing program we will be doing daily journal entries. Some days they will do copy work others they can write what’s on their minds and hearts. We will do a letter writing project and a informational writing project later in the school year. Making writing pressure-free and enjoyable is very important to me. Writing is an area that most children struggle in. Journals are a great way to make writing gentle and approachable while still being very intentional.

We’ll use Bob Books for reading fluency for my first grader. My third grader will use a list of books (I’m still compiling it along with our list of read alouds.) 

My youngest is beginning Transitional Kindergarten this year. He will be doing the Little Lessons Curriculum together with Learn + PLAY activities and PLAYmats. 

We began reading The Story of the World this Summer and will continue into the school year. The chapters are easy to tuck into a meal time or morning basket time. We’ll be using it as our History/Social Studies curriculum this year. 

That’s everything for now, over the first month I’ll gently add in foreign language (The Cultured Kid- French) and Science (Explore + PLAY – coming soon.) Curious about a particular program or curriculum? I’m happy to share more or answer any questions, feel free to email me at hello@everydaylearnandplay.com

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