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Family Apple Orchard Dramatic PLAY

September 5, 2021

Dramatic PLAY set ups are beloved by learners of all ages! As littles grow we can be intentional about using them to develop academic skills as well! I printed, prepped and got our dramatic play set up this weekend. We’ll use it for social skills, writing, and math! Here’s a quick look at how I created additional props using materials around the house to make this set up all the more special.

Easy Pretend Cider Donuts

We’ve all got a spare cardboard box laying around here and there. Grab a few pieces and cut out a circle shape. Cut out a center circle to give it a donut shape. I loosely covered to top of one side with liquid glue and then sprinkled it with coarse salt. They turned out pretty cute and definitely look like a cinnamon-y sugary donut!  

Simple Cider for Pretend PLAY

An empty water bottle is perfect to transform into cider! Just add water and a drop of yellow and a drop of red food color! Add the label from the dramatic play set and it ta-da! instant cider to stock at the orchard shop! 

Pretend PLAY Applesauce

This one was probably my most favorite to make! It’s just so cute! I grabbed a couple mason jars from the cabinet and filled them with brown crinkle paper. Before I added the labels from the dramatic play set I covered the top with a piece of fabric held in place with a rubber band. Don’t they look realistic and fun!  

The receipt recording pages work perfect to add up the cost of items and practice addition. The menu board gives prices for various items and extra apple clip art works well in a pinch for pretend apples (if you’re like me and don’t want to use precious real produce.)

Dramatic PLAY is a fun way to discretely tie in academics for even your most reluctant learners. This adorable set is included in the Learn + PLAY Club Resources. Join today for just $17! 

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