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Discover + PLAY: Matter

October 13, 2021

Discover + PLAY: Matter is a hands on way to explore science with the whole family! This interactive notebook and inquiry based unit includes 5 lessons and 4 simple experiments. It is important to me to make resources that are accessible to families and teachers without creating a need to spend more. I want you to be able to get the download and simply use things you already have at home. Homeschooling and Teaching can get expensive. There’s no need to contribute to that. We can have meaningful experiences using what we have to make learning FUN! 

Here’s a quick look at what you will find in this unit! (I’ll be updating this post with photos from our activities as we do them through the month!)

This jello experiment is such a fun way to explore different states of matter (solid liquid gas) Not to mention everyone is VERY happy to participate, because, hello! snack time! 

These term card pockets are just so fun! They are part of the whole interactive notebook idea. Your student will create these little pockets to put in their notebook to hold the term cards. (I printed mine on colored paper to make them extra fun.)

Here’s another example of an interactive page. On this one students draw representations of the states of matter.  Curious about what materials you’ll need for this unit? Here’s a full list included in the file:

Check back here for updates as we go through the unit and share! Be sure to snag the file when it releases on Friday, October 15th! Use the code BLOG10 to take an extra 10% off! 

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