Learn + PLAY Club Plans 2022-2023

June 23, 2022

We welcomed a new family member into our home on Monday and I couldn’t go without saying a big THANK YOU to YOU for making it possible. Everyday Learn + PLAY is a small side business I started a few years back in the margins of my days home with my cute crew. Tremendous growth over the recent years has been a gift more meaningful that I ever could have imagined. I started writing before my son had either of his autism or T1D diagnosis’s. The Lord knew what our future held. In His goodness and providence this little business has been an avenue for providing for therapies, medications, medical devices, and more. When we weren’t sure how the ends would meet for his care there would be a big order or a surge in subscriptions. I am forever grateful to you for your support over the years and the BLESSING you have been to us! 

As I begin to put together a plan for our upcoming year I am thinking of you too. Making Everyday Learn + PLAY resources accessible, convenient, and truly helpful is important to me. I’m sure you’re feeling the way our family is lately with the ever increasing prices of, well….everything. I believe this business is a gift from the Lord and I want so much to bless you with the materials I write. When I launched the Learn + PLAY Club this year I continued a monthly theme with thematic units, enrichment activities, review materials, games, dramatic play and more. However over this last year I’ve seen that choosing a theme monthly gets a little tricky. My crew wants to take a deeper dive on some topics, some months are full of appointments, and then there are other times with we don’t get to much because of sickness. Changing themes month to month sometimes simply isn’t helpful. 

In the past I’ve shared our themes for the year so that you can have them in mind as you plan your school year. However this year is going to look a little different. There are more than 30 different themes on my website and YOU know what your family’s interests are. Why should I be deciding for you? I will choose “spotlight” themes each month but Learn + PLAY Club members will have access to every single resource on my website. If I spotlight dinosaurs but you know your crew wants to do space, you’ll have access and freedom to use those resources instead! I’m excited for the blessing this can be for you! I am trusting the honor system with this level of access but I’m trusting the Lord to make this a blessing to both your family and mine. 

While I will be discontinuing shipping the playmat activities, I will have a week each month when I offer printed materials. And I’ve got good news for those of you who LOVED the laminated and bound books- They’re COMING BACK! During the print week each month you can select PLAYMATS you’d like to have printed, bound and shipped out to you! No membership required! (yay!) 

Here’s the hang up, starting July 1 you will only be able to access Learn + PLAY materials through the Learn + PLAY membership. I’ll still always have free materials and blog posts to read/use but themed resources, enrichment activities, games, etc will all only be available to members. GOOD NEWS: The Learn + PLAY Club membership price isn’t increasing and you’ll have access to everything for just $17! And each month I’ll be adding more and more. I have 3 new Discover + PLAY units to release, 3rd/4th grade book studies and phonics skill builders to name a few. 

Current Learn + PLAY Club members will automatically have access to the full website starting July 1! Your account will not be charged until July 1 and going forward the $17 membership fee will be charged on the first of each month. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to connect with me. It’s genuinely my heart to support and encourage your homeschool journey.

Not a current Learn + PLAY Club member? Join now to get access to all of the fun starting NOW and then the full website the 1st of next month! 

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