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Masterbooks Math: 5 Reasons We LOVE It!

July 5, 2022

Last year we made a switch from the curriculum we had been using to MasterBooks. I had heard a lot about it and the more I heard the more I felt like it would be a good fit for us. We gave it a go last year and I can tell you it was the best decision! We have loved MasterBooks and I can’t wait to tell you why! 


The worldview. I love that the curriculum is written from a biblical worldview. Each lesson is introduced using a story to engage your child’s mind. I how the characters show kindness to one another, respect for their parents, and enthusiasm for learning. My children have loved the little story line following Charlie and Charlotte and their family and eagerly look forward to what adventures await them each week! 


Gentle. The lessons are so very, very gentle. This is a math lesson for a day in level 2. The teacher in me struggles thinking, “they need so much more than that!” but I’ve come to see the virtue in a short, simple lesson. Here’s one of those virtues- when you’re teaching multiple children (I’ll be teaching 3 different grades to my crew this year) it’s really nice that lessons aren’t extensive. Could we do more? Maybe, but would it be hard to stay consistent? Absolutely! This may not be a lot BUT I can commit to faithfully doing lessons every single day and y’all, if nothing else, consistency with homeschooling (any schooling for that matter) is where it’s at.


Open and go. This curriculum requires very, very little preparation. I keep a handful of math tools available to support learning because early math is very abstract, however, MasterBooks does provide some paper manipulatives in the appendix of each book. For each lesson you simply open up to the page, read, and complete. Simple.


Easy to add enrichment. Along with the simplicity of the curriculum it is very easy to add enrichment to lessons. As you see each lesson is very short giving time to review or practice skills with enrichment activities. Over the years we have done themes each month and I could draw on our current themed materials to support learning. Whether it’s a place value match up game, a hundred chart hunt or any other math game I’ve written. (You can find a variety of my math games and activities here.) 


Organization. Last, but definitely not least, keeping this math curriculum organized is a cinch! I keep our math lessons for each week kept in a plastic, pronged folder. In the prongs I have page protectors to hold reusable pages like Place Value Village, the hundred chart, etc. I put the lesson to be completed each week on the left side pocket. When my children complete the exercise for the day they move it over to the right side pocket with completed work. Then each Friday I remove completed work and refill the left pocket with the upcoming week’s lesson. 

We love this curriculum and how it has blessed our family. This year especially I am grateful for it’s gentle approach as I begin the juggling act of teaching all 3 of my cute crew. Its not an easy task, nor is it one I take lightly but it is a delight to be their teacher and I can’t wait to watch that mathematical lightbulb go off in their minds this year! 

You can learn more about MasterBooks and the wide variety of curriculum (including math) they have available on their website at www.masterbooks.com

Place Value Flip and Cover


Place Value is a concept that proves it’s worth time an time again as a student increases his/her mathematic knowledge. Having a solid grasp on place value is absolutely necessary! This activity is a fun way to review place value with visual representations of the number. This is the first in a set of 3 activities being released in March 2022 focusing on building strong place value awareness.

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