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DIY Sensory Look + Find Bean Bag

July 9, 2023
Before you read this post, I must inform you that I am by no means a professional. Everything I learned was through trial and error or YouTube. 🙂 But I’ve learned a lot over the years and can tell you this is a very simple project. You’re only going to be sewing straight lines. 
I got our fabric and the clear plastic vinyl from Hobby Lobby. Total it cost me under $4. The most expensive part of this project is the little hidden pieces I put into the rice. Still I spent a total of around $15 and had enough to make several bean bags!
Layering the front pieces this way will make more sense when we flip it over to sew it together. 
When I bought the plastic vinyl I chose the most thin option they offered. I think 1/4 yard cost me $0.89. Because its so thin I could easily send it through my sewing machine.
Some small sections of my tape ran through the machine but I was able to easily pull it up. The sewing lines perforated it so I could gently tear it away. 
For this section you’re only going to completely go from one side to the other on two sides of the square. The other sides you’ll start from the sewn in lines. If you zoom in closely you’ll see what I’m talking about. 🙂 
This step may seem extra since you’ve already sewn the front and back sides together, but because of the nature of this toy you’re going to want to reinforce it. It will be squished and squeezed- probably tossed too. You’re going to want to make sure the tiny inside parts (rice, tiny toys) don’t escape. 
These tiny things were probably the most expensive part of the project. (and they weren’t that pricey) I found most of them in with the beads section or the doll house accessories section. Then I used a few things from around the house too- mini erasers, fake penny, buttons, washer, screw, legos, etc. I aimed to get around 20-25 things to put in the bean bag. 
Later I made a little key to print, laminate, and put into the back pocket of the bean bag. Here’s what I made: 
I hope this little tutorial was helpful! Have a question or confused about a direction? Send me an email at hello@everydaylearnandplay.com I’m happy to help! 

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