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August 2023 New Release Collection

August 1, 2023

One of my favorite parts of the Learn + PLAY Club is that when you join you get immediate access to not just new releases but every single resource I’ve ever written (and there are a lot) at no extra cost!  Here’s a look at what just released today for August 2023! 

Discover + PLAY: Human Body - Digestive System

It’s back! You’ve requested and I’m ready to create and share. Science is one of those subjects that….well, kind of slides to the back of priorities. Trust me, I understand- we’ve been there too. My goal for the Discover + PLAY Science Units is to make science meaningful and sustainable. You won’t find any giant projects with lots of specialty supplies.  Lessons are very gentle and open ended to allow your own research through non-fiction texts at your local library or YouTube videos. At the elementary age you do not need an in-depth, elaborate science program. You just don’t. Simple and sustainable is where it’s at. This year we are studying the human body starting with the digestive system. It’s a little extra special to our family with our sweet boy with T1D. We’ll explore the respiratory system, muscular system, and the skeletal system this year too. Keep an eye out for those coming this school year! 

Daily Language Arts

This resource is one I’m excited to see grow. Last year when we began using All About Reading (and fell in LOVE with it) I noticed we sort of dropped that grammar part of Language Arts.  To remedy the situation I started creating small daily practice activities to fill that gap. Over time it became the Daily Language Arts resource. It’s a growing resource because it’s growing with us. Right now it includes 16 weeks worth of daily practice pages and through the year it will continue to grow as we use it too! 

August Writing Prompts

This was something I started this Summer and really caught on with my oldest. These are short prompts just to get the brain going with ideas on days where inspiration isn’t necessarily freely flowing. I always print them on colored paper to make it extra fun. They go in a jar and she can choose one to journal about. She’ll glue it to the top of her notebook and write all she likes on that topic or idea. 

Fluency Practice Level D

These were inspired by our All About Reading practice pages. The idea is that your child will read a sentence in small sections until reading the full sentence. This set specifically focuses on compound words created by two CVC words. 

Color by Code: Multiplication

This resource was exactly what I was looking for to review multiplication. I looked for something, couldn’t find it, so I made it. This set of resources goes through multiplication facts from 1’s to 9’s. We needed a little post-summer remediation and I think this will do the trick- while also being fun for my little artist. 

To All the World: Africa

Last year we began combining missionary stories (using the YWAM books) with geography. As we learn about christian heroes of the faith we also discover more about the world they lived in. This unit includes maps for tracing and filling in as well as maps for reference. It also includes scripture copy work. This specific unit is a companion to the book, David Livingtstone: Africa’s Trailblazer.

Alphabet Do A Dot Pages

This is an update to one of my original resources. It’s a collection of do a dot pages for every letter of the alphabet along with images for the initial sound of each letter. These pages are great for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Dot the letters and color in the images for lots of alphabet fun! 

Primer Sight Word Mini Books

These are a second addition to the first set of pre-primer mini books. Unfortunately they weren’t edited in time for the release today but should be available before 8/4. 

Little Lunch Shop

This activity is so special to my heart because it was inspired by a dear, veteran homeschooling friend. She did a simplified version with her crew at lunch time on days when time afforded it. This was a GREAT way to employ life skills, math, cooperation, and economics. The idea is that you’ll set up your meal time (maybe lunch?) as a little lunch shop. You’ll use the menu page to write your meal and maybe some possible sides to choose from. You’ll also add prices to each meal, side, drink, dessert, etc. On the order slips someone will play server and collect orders. After lunch is finished everyone will get a receipt for their meal and they can use the included play money to pay for the meal. If you have coins to add that could make it even more meaningful and fun! *important* I highly encourage you to use this in a way that works for YOU. Don’t make yourself miserable with this activity providing tons of choices. Here’s an example of what we did. 

Main Meal: Macaroni (no one got a choice on this- they had to order it.)

Sides: apple slices, chips, pickle, trail mix (things I had on hand and were easy to fix)

Dessert: chocolate milk, 2 cookies (again two things I had on hand and were easy to grab)

Drinks: water, water with ice (this made me laugh at my own self- all we had was water but I wanted to give the illusion of a choice) 

They had the best time playing Little Lunch Shop and it wasn’t that much extra work. It’s not something we’ll do everyday. I might choose a specific day to be our lunch shop day but it was PERFECT for developing their money skills counting out dollars and coins to pay their “bill.”

Mindfulness + Breathing Cards

This was a resource I wanted for my crew and again decided to just make it myself. These cards are such a great tool for regulation. To make the breathing mindfulness cards even more practical and helpful I used clear glue along the breathing path for a more tactile experience when being used. Once dried it’s a perfect way to move a finger along the path while breathing. 

August Mini Writing Project

This resource is intended to be a gentle writing project for beginning writers.  They’ll begin by brainstorming ideas about the summer. Have them write or draw ideas in the graphic organizer with three columns. They should try to think of something they did, somewhere they went, and something they made. You don’t have to be firm on these ideas and there’s a blank organizer page if your child has different ideas, he/she would like to write about. The file includes resources for a rough draft and final copy with decorative page topper!

Back to School Bookmarks

These sweet coloring book marks serve two great purposes! In addition to holding your place in your book they can also be GREAT reading logs! This file includes 3 different designs of bookmarks you can color and use simply as a bookmark

Weather Center

This weather reporting center was part of my Wild Weather PLAYmats. For the first time I’m sharing it as a stand alone activity. This is a great morning time activity for younger students or those interested in meteorology. 

Build Your Own Books

These books are PERFECT for beginning readers and writers. They are open ended to encourage your budding writer and reader. This set includes three different books the I Can book, I See book, and a I Love book. 

When you join my Learn + PLAY Club you get immediate access to not only all of these great resources but every single other resource I’ve written! I’d love to share with you as I create more helpful tools, supportive resources, and intentional learning activities! Have questions, feel free to reach out to me through email hello@everydaylearnandplay.com 

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