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Kids’ Treehouse Project Part 2

August 20, 2023

Saturday was forecasted to be one of the hottest days all summer. Of course, we didn’t know that when we planned this project, nor did we check the temperature before getting started Saturday morning. Thankfully, it was a comfortable temperature for a few hours in the early part of the morning and the tree house is primarily in shade. That helped a lot! 

As we got going with the second part of the main structure, we decided to make a change. We realized that although our initial plan to wrap around the smaller tree could work, it would require more materials. We figured we could conserve by creating a wrap around set of stairs instead. 

I set up my camera to capture our work on a time lapse and it’s so fun to see hours of work condensed down to a 30 second clip. We decided to use staircases and railings to make the treehouse more accessible and safe. (Even our dog goes up to the top now- haha!)

By this time in the morning, everyone was all hands on deck offering to help or to share words of encouragement and enthusiasm! We ended up treating a low while working. It reminded me again how happy I  will be to have the stairs! It’s nice knowing I can climb up the tree house easily if I need to get to my cute crew in a hurry. 

It was getting pretty hot at this point and it was lunchtime. The kids brought their mac and cheese out to the fort to watch/help as we finished up the steps and added the stair treads. The next step was to begin framing out the actual tree house part of the treehouse! 

Have I mentioned lately what a dream it is to have my sister living down the street from me?! My brother in law came over (He is a saint for coming in the extreme heat.) to help Joshua frame up the sides of the treehouse! 

By the early evening, this is where we ended. I can’t believe all that we got done! Sunday is a full (happy) day with church and family dinner but we planned to work on it a little in the afternoon. For now, we needed to rest! The physical work and heat was definitely getting to both of us! 

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In case you missed it, here’s the first post about our tree house project:

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