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October 2023 Collection

October 1, 2023

October is here and so are all the fun NEW resources I’ve written for the month! October is one of my favorite months of the year and every year I just wish it would go by slowwwwly so we have all the time to enjoy it! This month’s collection is all things pumpkins, sweet treats, and PLAY! We’ll explore and learn more about bats and a brand NEW Discover + PLAY Science unit on the Skeletal system is coming next week. You won’t find any Halloween spooky stuff here – it’s just not my thing. 

Do a Dots are an all-time FAVORITE for our youngest learners and I couldn’t resist giving a pumpkin take on shapes to put them to good use! 

Daily Math Levels A & B

We wanted to incorporate a little daily math practice in our day to couple with the math program we’re using. These are very basic skill reviews to keep concepts sharp. The Daily Math set includes 4 days worth of review half sheets per week. I believe it’s always good to include a flex day! 

These little journals are perfect for beginning writers. The include prompts to trace and space to add just one or maybe two ideas on the handwriting lines. It’s enough to give practice without causing overwhelm. We have LOVED these journals and so many, many families tell me what a blessing they’ve been to budding writers.

How fun are these reading log bookmarks!? They’re super fun to color and use to keep track of books, minutes, or chapters read! The choice is up to you! 

The All About Apples writing project was such a hit I’ve decided to include non-fiction writing projects for beginners each month throughout the year. As always I’ll take a gentle approach, very slowly adding depth and skill to writing but I firmly believe too much too fast is never helpful. Let’s keep writing gentle and fun and I’m convinced we’ll reap the benefit of it! 

Writer’s block? Say no more, these little strips of prompts are great to chop up and add to a jar for those blank mind days. Just add a little glue and place them at the top of your page and you’re ready to go! I like to print them on colored paper to make them a little extra festive and fun, but of course, you don’t have to do that.

I wish you could know just how EXCITED I am to share this! My oldest has moved from decoding and building fluency to now being ready for more. She can read the words, now we’re looking to build understanding with that reading! I created this gentle study guide together with the Doughnut Fix book to stretch those skills. Each chapter has vocabulary to define, questions to answer, and an area to visualize what your student read. This book is recommended for students in 4/5 grade. 

These were specifically designed to follow Math You See strategies for basic addition and subtraction problems. However, all families could use and benefit from them! It’s very interesting how helpful it is to know what is two more or two less than any single digit number as it relates to addition and subtraction facts! 

Let’s build fluency and start comprehension with these beginner reading comprehension passages! 

Reading Comprehension Level B

Ready for the next step in reading fluency and comprehension? These are a step beyond Level A with longer passages, true/false questions and short response questions.

Add crayons to math and you have instant fun! These basic subtraction color by code pages are great for enrichment and practice throughout the month! 

This fun puzzle game is a domino take on reviewing synonyms! Start with the first piece and solve to add more pieces until the board is filled and you reach the “pumpkin patch!”

Matching game but make it cute with candy corn. This matching game has you pairing up antonyms and a really sweet way! 

Building number fluency with this cute pumpkin themed game.  Players will turn over a card and record what is 10 more or 10 less than that number. 

The Elements of Art study is back for the school year as we round out the last 3 elements. This time we’re looking at how artists create space on a 2D page! With 4 all new projects in the unit, your artist will surely love adding this skill set to their repertoire! 


Discover + PLAY Science: Skeletal System

The second human body system we’ll discover is the skeletal system! This resource is coming soon! It releases on October 7th! Look for it on the New Resource section of my blog or in the Discover + PLAY Science section too! 

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