All About Apples Again PLAYmat


A fresh new look at the All About Apples theme! Building on last year’s LOVE for the All About Apples theme, this year I created a BRAND New activity set! As always you’ll have 10 brand new activities practicing skills ranging from letter formation to positional words to numeracy and more! Scroll down to see the full list of activities and skills included this month.

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Activities included in the PLAYmat:

Seed Count – fine motor skills, counting, one to one coorespondence

Number Match UP- numeracy, number recognition, number representations

Bigger Smaller – comparing size, following directions

Apple Diagram – STEM, tracing, fine motor skills

sh and ch bushel basket – initial sounds, digraphs

Apple Pie Poetry – fine motor skills, tracing, creativity, poetry, literacy

Where is the Apple? – positional words, following directions, fine. motor skills

Tracing Lifecycle – apple lifecycle, STEM, science, fine motor skills, tracing, sequencing

Uppercase Trace – letter recognition, letter formation, creativity

Vowel Spinner – vowel recognition, short vowel sounds, initial sounds


All activities are included in a printed, laminated, and bound book shipped directly to your address.




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