Creative Colors PLAYmat


10 brand new Learn + PLAYmats with a creative art theme! These would be the perfect addition to the Creative Colors Learn + PLAY calendar and the Primary Practice + PLAY sets! Those resources are available for everyone but they are included in the Learn + PLAY Club at no additional charge!

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Learning through play is the most fun way!

The PLAYmat is a physical product that will be shipped to your home. 


Odd or Even Erase – odd and even numbers

Palette Puzzle – problem solving, spacial reasoning

Language Sort – identifying letters, words, and sentences

Poetry + Playdough – Poetry, fine motor skills, following directions

Skip Counting Patterns – counting, skip counting by 2’s

Read, Trace, Write – reading, tracing, spelling, initial sound /p/

Rainbow Bead Patterns – patterns

How to Draw a Rainbow – following directions, fine motor skills, transferring skills

Fine Motor Fill In – CVC words, fine motor skills, early reading

Pattern Block Puzzle – pattern blocks, problem solving


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