Pop Swap + Pair


This game is very similar to the classic Go Fish game. Shuffle all the cards and deal each player 5 cards. The remaining cards should be spread out face down between the players. The youngest player should go first.

Each player is trying to make as many pairs as possible. To make a pair you need both the standard form of the number and the expanded form of the number.

Players will take turns asking each other if they have cards to match the ones in their hand. If a player asks another player if they have a matching card and they don’t the asking player must “pop” (pick up) a new card from the face down cards. If the player asks another player if they have a matching card and they do, the asking player can pair the cards and place them face up in front of them.

Continue playing until a player has 5 sets matching cards. The first player with 5 matches wins!

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