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an early childhood teacher and reading interventionist turned stay at home mama to my crew of three ages 5 and under! Every day I see evidence of His grace and it's my heart to encourage and inspire yours! We have the sweetest times of learning and playing around our kitchen table. We'd love for you to join us!
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Carla Snipes

2021-2022 Curriculum Picks

Here’s a quick run down of our curriculum picks for this coming year. I typically start with the foundational subjects and add in from there.  A wise woman once told me to go slow into the school year. You can prevent burn out by starting with a gentle approach. Then, you can always add in more as you go along and find your stride. My girls (1st grade, 3rd grade) will continue using The Good and The Beautiful Curriculum. We love how it includes a variety of components- phonics, reading, spelling, writing, grammar, punctuation, literature, poetry, art, and geography! It’s a wonderful all-in-one program. The girls will also continue using Masterbooks for Math. We like it’s gentle, confidence building approach. Mastery is a focus that I appreciate in these foundational years. I wrote a blog post last spring about why we made the switch to this program from a different one we had previously used for a couple years. So far we are still enjoying it. It is significantly more gentle and simple. As opposed to a traditional writing program we will be doing daily journal entries. Some days they will do copy work others they can write what’s on

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Carla Snipes

Looking Ahead to the 2021-2022 School Year

Before the events of this Summer, the 2021-2022 school year was already looking pretty intimidating. For the first time I will be homeschooling all three of my cute crew. As I write that I can hardly believe it. How did we get here so fast? Balancing our time will certainly be a juggling act as it is. I sat down to plan out themes for my Learn + PLAY calendars and the subscription and found myself completely overwhelmed and fuzzy on creativity. Each calendar takes hours to complete from concept to print and photography. The very honest truth is after Rutledge’s T1D diagnosis I knew it was no longer sustainable. I had to make a change. Earlier this Summer I was making my order list for transitional kindergarten. I wanted to make sure we had everything for our guy. I knew I wanted to use my Little Lessons curriculum and Learn + PLAY calendars and that’s when it dawned on me. I have written 3(!) years worth of activities that I am so proud of. I have loved each theme and I know he will too! I thought maybe we’d just use that exclusively. I’ve written these activities and families

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Carla Snipes

Why You Want to Keep a Summer Rhythm

Schools out for the Summer and we’re all ready for a change. The first few days we sit back and bask in the glory of unscheduled, plan-free bliss. However it doesn’t take long before the lack of structure begins to take its toll. For us it was almost exactly two weeks. Sure, the kids were happy to be free from our regularly scheduled lessons but now they were getting into everything. Bouncing from one activity to another in an endless pursuit of entertainment. I was busy working on neglected chores or writing while they played but found myself settling more squabbles than usual and directing the clean up on messes much larger than our typical day to day mess (which was a lot to start with.) Something had to give. Enter the Summer school routine. My expectations aren’t elaborate. Truly at the center of our Summer school is a desire for structure and routine. Yes, a little academic review doesn’t hurt but more than anything I wanted our days to have a general rhythm. What can I say, we’re creatures of habit and when our days have rhythm we just function better with so much more peace. So, how do

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