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an early childhood teacher and reading interventionist turned stay at home mama to my crew of three ages 5 and under! Every day I see evidence of His grace and it's my heart to encourage and inspire yours! We have the sweetest times of learning and playing around our kitchen table. We'd love for you to join us!
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Carla Snipes

Garden Sight Words – Five Ways to PLAY

Each month I release themed sight word sets. This month you can find sight words from Pre-Primer to 3rd grade in the shapes of eggplants, carrots, tomatoes, etc. While using them as fun flashcards is one idea, we really prefer to turn the cards into simple games. This month I thought I’d share a few of the ways we plan to play. If you have a fun idea too, be sure to comment below and let me know how you’re playing too! Shape Sort and Read The sight word set includes five words per page. Each of the words is on a different vegetable clip art. You can print out a couple pages (or all of them for your child’s level if they’re ready for it.) Then have you child sort the veggies into different piles. Next, your little can choose a pile to read through. Go one by one through the piles reading the words.  2. Farmer’s Market Shop Set up the veggies in bowls or baskets and pretend to “shop” a farmers market. You child can pretend to run the farmer’s market stand while you “shop.” Ask for various veggies by saying the words written on them. Have

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Carla Snipes

Christmas Gift Guide

1.Yoto Player  2. ORIBEL Vertical Play STEM Marble Run 3.OSMO Little Genius Starter Kit  4. Dust Sweep Mop Set 5. UNO 6. Magnaformers 7. Highlights Look and Find 8. Potholder Loom and Loops 9. Tales of Buttercup Grove (there’s a set of 4 stories in the series) 10. Go Find It  11. Marble Run Building Blocks 12. Do a Dot Markers 13. Melissa and Dough Playdough Roller Set  Timeless, durable and can grow with the children are important characteristics of the toys we buy for our cute crew! Here are a few items we have either bought in the past and love or have purchased for gifts this year!  NEW RELEASE Click here to see the full set!

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Carla Snipes

OSMO: Little Genius Review

Is there anything more fun than pretend play when you’re little? From dress ups to all the imaginary scenarios I can’t tell you how many hours my littles spend playing pretend! Especially since we’ve spent a lot of extra time here at home this year those dress ups have been getting in a lot of extra mileage! Anyone else have littles who stay in dress ups all day long because we’re not going anywhere?  When I saw OSMO included Costume Party in their Little Genius Starter Kit I instantly knew it would be a hit! It’s not only adorable but it touches on so many areas we’ve been working on for preschool here at home this year. I love how my cute crew can practice discernment, listening, and following directions as they play!  The kit comes with a total of 6 games. All of the games help support what we’re doing in our homeschool lessons. From building letters, counting, and practicing multi step directions I can’t say enough how much I love this kit. My kids just think they’re playing and ask daily for OSMO time! They’re practicing great number and letter formation through play and don’t even realize it! 

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