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an early childhood teacher and reading interventionist turned stay at home mama to my crew of three ages 5 and under! Every day I see evidence of His grace and it's my heart to encourage and inspire yours! We have the sweetest times of learning and playing around our kitchen table. We'd love for you to join us!
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Discover + PLAY: Matter

Discover + PLAY: Matter is a hands on way to explore science with the whole family! This interactive notebook and inquiry based unit includes 5 lessons and 4 simple experiments. It is important to me to make resources that are accessible to families and teachers without creating a need to spend more. I want you to be able to get the download and simply use things you already have at home. Homeschooling and Teaching can get expensive. There’s no need to contribute to that. We can have meaningful experiences using what we have to make learning FUN! Here’s a quick look at what you will find in this unit! (I’ll be updating this post with photos from our activities as we do them through the month!) This jello experiment is such a fun way to explore different states of matter (solid liquid gas) Not to mention everyone is VERY happy to participate, because, hello! snack time! These term card pockets are just so fun! They are part of the whole interactive notebook idea. Your student will create these little pockets to put in their notebook to hold the term cards. (I printed mine on colored paper to make them extra

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All About Apples
Carla Snipes

Family Apple Orchard Dramatic PLAY

Dramatic PLAY set ups are beloved by learners of all ages! As littles grow we can be intentional about using them to develop academic skills as well! I printed, prepped and got our dramatic play set up this weekend. We’ll use it for social skills, writing, and math! Here’s a quick look at how I created additional props using materials around the house to make this set up all the more special. Easy Pretend Cider Donuts We’ve all got a spare cardboard box laying around here and there. Grab a few pieces and cut out a circle shape. Cut out a center circle to give it a donut shape. I loosely covered to top of one side with liquid glue and then sprinkled it with coarse salt. They turned out pretty cute and definitely look like a cinnamon-y sugary donut!   Simple Cider for Pretend PLAY An empty water bottle is perfect to transform into cider! Just add water and a drop of yellow and a drop of red food color! Add the label from the dramatic play set and it ta-da! instant cider to stock at the orchard shop!  Pretend PLAY Applesauce This one was probably my most favorite

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Carla Snipes

2021-2022 Curriculum Picks

Here’s a quick run down of our curriculum picks for this coming year. I typically start with the foundational subjects and add in from there.  A wise woman once told me to go slow into the school year. You can prevent burn out by starting with a gentle approach. Then, you can always add in more as you go along and find your stride. My girls (1st grade, 3rd grade) will continue using The Good and The Beautiful Curriculum. We love how it includes a variety of components- phonics, reading, spelling, writing, grammar, punctuation, literature, poetry, art, and geography! It’s a wonderful all-in-one program. The girls will also continue using Masterbooks for Math. We like it’s gentle, confidence building approach. Mastery is a focus that I appreciate in these foundational years. I wrote a blog post last spring about why we made the switch to this program from a different one we had previously used for a couple years. So far we are still enjoying it. It is significantly more gentle and simple. As opposed to a traditional writing program we will be doing daily journal entries. Some days they will do copy work others they can write what’s on

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