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an early childhood teacher and reading interventionist turned stay at home mama to my crew of three ages 5 and under! Every day I see evidence of His grace and it's my heart to encourage and inspire yours! We have the sweetest times of learning and playing around our kitchen table. We'd love for you to join us!
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Why You Want to Keep a Summer Rhythm

Schools out for the Summer and we’re all ready for a change. The first few days we sit back and bask in the glory of unscheduled, plan-free bliss. However it doesn’t take long before the lack of structure begins to take its toll. For us it was almost exactly two weeks. Sure, the kids were happy to be free from our regularly scheduled lessons but now they were getting into everything. Bouncing from one activity to another in an endless pursuit of entertainment. I was busy working on neglected chores or writing while they played but found myself settling more squabbles than usual and directing the clean up on messes much larger than our typical day to day mess (which was a lot to start with.) Something had to give. Enter the Summer school routine. My expectations aren’t elaborate. Truly at the center of our Summer school is a desire for structure and routine. Yes, a little academic review doesn’t hurt but more than anything I wanted our days to have a general rhythm. What can I say, we’re creatures of habit and when our days have rhythm we just function better with so much more peace. So, how do

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Carla Snipes

Celebrating the LAST Day of School!

Arriving at the end of the school year is a BIG deal- whether you homeschool or not! Think of how much your cute crew has grown and learned over the course of the year. They’ve worked hard, and so have you! The last day is definitely something worthy of celebrating! In our family we like to take time throughout that last day to celebrate and reflect. I created a simple but meaningful little activity book for FREE and I’m sharing it with you! It’s a great way to reflect on the past year and look forward to the coming year!  In addition to our school year reflections we like to party a little too! Starting with a fun breakfast! Cinnamon rolls are a traditional celebration breakfast in our family and this last day of school is no exception! To elevate our [store bought] cinnamon rolls just a tad we add sprinkles to the top! I try to decorate the table a little the night before and set out a few fun Summer themed surcies- mostly things I’ve picked up from the dollar spot at target. (Bubbles, chalk, frisbee, sunglasses, etc.) In addition to our reflection book, we’ll do a little

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Carla Snipes

CAMP Curiosity PLAYmats

We are kicking off SUMMER with a little camp themed fun! June’s Learn + PLAY fun is taking it outdoors! In addition to the PLAYmat, June will bring a packed FULL Learn + PLAY Calendar, Primary Practice and PLAY fun, and bonus Summer themed fun. Camp Curiosity is sure to be a fan favorite for everyone at home! Whether homeschooling or home for the summer you’re going to LOVE what’s in store! Subscribe to get the  Camp Curiosity PLAYmat any time in May! The subscription window closes on May 31st! Here’s a small look inside: Click Here to Subscribe!

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