Inside Our April Morning Basket

April 8, 2020

Minimal- it’s typically how I maintain our morning basket. As our plans (or lack of plans) for April become more clear it’s clear that a focus on truth is what we need each morning. As we start our days I wanted to give us a focus on Easter celebration and a celebration of the life and ministry of Jesus. 

You may be wondering, if we have #nothingbuttime why make the basket so simple? Why not do more? Here’s my logic. Life feels pretty heavy right now. I can’t say that every morning I’ll be up for a full basket including several activities, books, and routines. If I keep it super simple I am much more likely to be consistent. Each day we will sing our hymn from @happyhymnody, read from our storybook Bible, and practice our memory verse. Some days we’ll read a story or chapter book. The basket includes a couple coloring pages and a coloring book to keep little hands busy as they listen. 

Let’s take a closer look into the basket this month:

We’re using the Year of Tales curriculum to guide our character and scripture memory study. I scooped up this mini book at a second hand store earlier this winter and it’s a perfect addition to the basket. 

Doodling, coloring, or drawing is one way I can get all three of my littles in one place, busy, but also actively listening. I LOVE the coloring pages from Megan over at His Kids Company. They’re adorable and FREE! I also love The Garden, The Curtain and The Cross coloring books- it’s an interactive companion to The Garden, The Curtain, and The Cross book. 

When lent began back in February I created a 40 link long prayer “chain.” The idea was that we would pull one link off every day leading up to Easter. Each link has the name of a family member, friend, or community helper for us to pray for. The children LOVED the idea and embraced it enthusiastically. Some days they would pull more than one link and ask to pray for more people. How could I say no? Naturally our countdown to Easter was finished a lot faster than Easter arrived. Instead of using the links to countdown I created a new “prayer chain” for the month and plan to keep it long enough to pray throughout the whole month! 

This month I also chose to read from the storybook Bible we use in our churches Sunday school curriculum. I absolutely LOVE this Bible and how thorough it is! It’s written with preschoolers and our littlest students’ in mind. Children reading beginner chapter books would be able to read and enjoy this Bible. 

That’s it- short, sweet, and simple. I love that we can be consistent with it and it’s a perfect way to get all of us centered for our day at home together. 

Do you use a morning basket too? What’s in yours this month? 

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