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Learn + PLAY Club FAQs

March 6, 2023

Your questions answered here.

The Learn + PLAY Club is a great way to enjoy a full library of beautifully designed, engaging and enriching materials. You’ll find activities for everyone from toddler to older elementary learners. My resource library is categorized by both theme and subject. I’ve put together this post to cover some of the most commonly asked questions but if always feel free to connect with me (hello@everydaylearnandplay.com) if you still have questions and I’m happy to help! 

Q: When do I get access to materials in the Learn + PLAY Club?

A: Learn + PLAY Club members get access to my full library of resources immediately. Just create a log in and all your downloads will be saved to your account. 

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: There are no contracts with the Learn + PLAY Club. My family understands there are times and seasons when we need to pull in a little tighter and then other seasons when we have a little extra. I wanted to make sure the Club never put a strain on families. You can join any time and you can cancel any time.

This is truly an honor system allowing club members to get immediate access to so much so quickly. Most people stick around because it’s just so much fun and so inspiring! I hope you will too!

Q: How much is the monthly subscription? And will it change?

A: The Learn + PLAY Club only costs $17/month and that price will not increase. It’s a huge value considering the hundreds of dollars worth of resources available with your membership.

Q: Do I really get access to everything?

A: Yes, you really do. I operate on the honor system trusting that you’ll select and download the materials you’ll use (as opposed to downloading my entire library) I’m trusting that as the Lord led me to give generously so he will provide perfectly. I genuinely want my resources to bless your family! 

Q: Will anything be shipped to my home?

A: This is a completely digital membership, however, from time to time I run a special called a “print party.” This is when I offer printed materials at a small additional cost. Typically Print Parties run in April, July, and November. 

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    March 8, 2023 at 4:39 pm

    All though I have downloaded most of or all of your library, we fully intend to incorporate it all in our daughters learning! I have all ready begun organizing by month, and by age appropriate items. Thank you!

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    April 3, 2023 at 9:07 am

    Im trying to purchase or download the friendly farmer calander pack. Can yopu help me?

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