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Everyday Learn + PLAY

B and D Review + PLAY

B and D Review + PLAY

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Review, practice, and PLAY- this is a fun way to work on a very common letter reversal. The letters B and D can be tricky! This set includes ten all new ways to play.

Coloring Letters- differentiate between letters, fine motor skills

Drawings- (2 pages)- draw pictures of things that start with b or d

Trace Strip- practice letter formation

Search (2 pages)- travel from the top of the page to the bottom following b's or d's

Picture Sort- sort out pictures and determine if they start with b or d

Trace, Dot, & Color- follow the directions to review each letter

Clip Cards- clip the correct letter for the beginning sound.

Add the Beginning Sound- fill in the missing beginning letter

Spinner Game- Spin the spinner and write/color the letter

Cut & Paste- Glue on the letter to the picture

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