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Christmas Cookie Word Reading Fluency

Christmas Cookie Word Reading Fluency

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This set includes a variety of word sets to practice building decoding, fluency, or confidence in reading. Word sets include are: CVC words, High Frequency Words, and Compound Words.

There are 3 different sets to choose from. You can use just one or you can use them all!

•CVC words
•High Frequency Words
•Compound Words

Cut out the cards and place them face out spread over a table.

Use a spatula to scoop up a word cookie.

If the word is read correctly place the cookie on a cookie sheet, if not place the cookie back on the table and try another word.

Continue until all the cookies are on the cookie sheet!

8 page PDF / Instant download / All downloads are non refundable / If you do not see the file in email you provide be sure to check the junk mail folder. Occasionally they slip into there./ Single classroom or family use only /

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