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Discover + PLAY: Human Body- Digestive System

Discover + PLAY: Human Body- Digestive System

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Discover + PLAY: Human Body The Digestive System is the newest in a collection of science exploration units.  Discover + PLAY units are written to be accessible for family style learning. In this file you will find suggestions for accommodations and extensions to make the lessons meaningful for preschool – 5th grade. This unit includes 4 lesson sessions (with simple labs), a review session, and an optional devotional. The activities are designed to create an interactive notebook with experiments, observations, cut/paste activities, and more. Each lesson includes a lab using everyday materials you’d find around the house. The unit includes a book list and YouTube video suggestions. Labs included listed below.

Labs included in this unit are:

Lab 1: Chip Balloon

Lab 2: Peristalsis Pictured

Lab 3: Digestive Demonstration

Lab 4: Intestine Stretch

37 page PDF file / instant download / this is a DIGITAL FILE / all digital files are non refundable

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