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Everyday Learn + PLAY

Friendly Farmer Learn + PLAY Calendar

Friendly Farmer Learn + PLAY Calendar

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Activities included in the Friendly Farmer Learn + PLAY Calendar:

+What's Missing (Alphabet Review/Practice)

+Farm Chores (Days of the Week/ Problem Solving/ Listening Skills)

+Piggy Paint (Sensory/ Creative Play)

+Hen House Sensory Alphabet (Upper and Lowercase Recognition/ Sensory Play)

+Butter Experiment (STEM)

+Red Barn Counting (Numbers)

+Farm Measures (Non Standard Measurement)

+Vowel Sounds (Phonological Awareness)

+Farm Animal Anatomy (STEM)

+Handwriting Helper (Fine Motor Skills/ Handwriting)

+Matching Cubes (Problem Solving)

+Wishy Washy Splatter Paint (Creativity)

+Tractor Chop (Scissor Skills/Fine Motor Skills)

+Fluffy Sensory Sheep (Sensory Play/ Creativity)

+Friends in the Mud (Sensory Play/ Snack)

+Animal Sort (Classifying/ Sorting)

+Feed the Chicks (Counting/ One-to-One Correspondence)

+Bigger or Smaller (Size Comparison)

+Piggie Word Families (Introductory Reading)

+Number Puzzles (Numbers/ Problem Solving)


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