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Learn + Explore: Spiders, an Elementary Unit Study

Learn + Explore: Spiders, an Elementary Unit Study

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This collection of activities is intended to be used as a week’s worth of special lessons for a spider themed study. However, you should use this collection as it best suits your family.

I have included tiered activities for different ability levels. Please choose the one(s) that will work best for you.

Additionally, this file includes a book list of great spider themed fiction and non fiction books for a special spider study.

To create the Spider Life Cycle spinner, begin by coloring the different stages of the life cycle. Then cut out both circles. Place the cover over the stages circle. Press a brad through the center black dot. Spin the spinner to see the different stages of spider growth.

I sincerely hope your family enjoys this activity set and that you have a wonderful spider study exploring and learning together!

This unit study includes:

Suggested Book List

Let’s Learn About Spiders (can, have, are)

Can, Have, Are Sticky Notes

Can, Have, Are Flip Book

Spider Life Cycle Spinner

Spider Anatomy Diagram

Spider Anatomy Writing Activity

Fiction Story Retelling: The Weaver by Qian Shi

Fiction Story Sequence: The Weaver by Qian Shi

Generic Fiction Story Retelling

Generic Fiction Story Sequence

Compare and Contrast Spiders and Insects

Spider Vocabulary Cards

Spider Vocabulary Draw + Write

Spider Facts Web

Spider Fact Craft

Spider Template

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