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Everyday Learn + PLAY

Learn + PLAY Club

Learn + PLAY Club

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The Learn + PLAY Club is now enrolling! 

Get full access to the Learn + PLAY Club and the NEW Releases!

Join the Learn + PLAY club! You’ll enjoy the full collection of DIGITAL Learn + PLAY activities each month! All the activities are great for littles from preschool to upper elementary! New activities and units will be added every month! In addition, Learn + PLAY Club members will enjoy benefits like discounts on printed materials, exclusive partnerships and sales, AND monthly giveaways too! All for just $17

Starting June 2nd, the initial $17 fee is to receive access in June and your account will not be charged again until July 1st for continued access to the current and new release files. Your total charge to join is JUST $17.

Learning through play is the most fun way!

The Learn + PLAY activities are available to club members exclusively. Members get access to the complete Learn + PLAY collection. I operate the club based on the honor system that families would download what they would use and enjoy. 

In addition, Learn + PLAY Club members will enjoy benefits like discounts on printing, exclusive partnerships, and monthly giveaways! All for just $17


Learn + PLAY activities are available through the Learn + PLAY Club only. You can subscribe anytime before the 1st of each month to receive that month’s Learn + PLAY Activities. For example, subscribe any time in June to receive access to digital resources immediately. If you join anytime after the first you'll pay a $17 sign up fee to get access to the current resources available. You'll then be charged $17 on the 1st of the following month to continue to receive access and get new resources as well! ***If you join the day before or on the 1st of the month you are not charged the sign up fee***  You may cancel your subscription anytime. Subscriptions must be cancelled 14 days before the next renewal. Due to the digital and consumable nature of the club it is non returnable and non refundable. If you have any issues with your club membership please email me at It’s important to me to make sure you have the best quality materials and resources for your littles!

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