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Skill Builder Boxes - Hundreds Chart

Skill Builder Boxes - Hundreds Chart

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Let’s build numeracy skills with fun math games! These mini game sets are perfect for introducing, reviewing or using as intervention helping build math skills! In each Builder Box you’ll find 4 new games, this set includes:

Skip Counting Lines:

Look through the numbers on the strip. Remember that numbers directly above or below are separated on the hundreds chart by just 10 numbers. Fill in the missing numbers.

Number Puzzle:

Look that the cross section of the hundreds chart and figure out the froggy number (the number that goes in the space that the frog is printed in.

Who am I:

Grab your hundreds chart and follow the clues to figure out which number you’re looking for!

Hundred Hunt:

This activity should be played as a game. Shuffle up all the number cards and set the hundred chart between you and another player. Take turns turning over number cards and dotting out that number space on the hundreds chart. The first player to get 4 numbers in a straight-line wins!

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