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Skill Builder Boxes: Place Value

Skill Builder Boxes: Place Value

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Print out the activity cards and cut them. You will have 4 per page. Laminate to make the activities reusable.

Expanding Numbers:

With the set of cards you will be either expanding the number into expanded form OR taking the expanded form number and reducing it back into standard form.

Comparing Numbers:

With this set of cards you will use the greater than/less than symbol piece to correctly identify which number is greater and which is lesser.

What’s the Value?:

With this set of activity cards you will look at the number and find the underlined digit. Then you will determine the value of that underlined digit. (one, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand.)

Spin a Number:

With this activity set you will use the accompanying spinner to build a number starting from the right and moving across to the left. To create the spinner you will need a pencil and a paper clip. Place the paper clip at the center and then place the pencil vertically on the center of the spinner. You will flick the paper clip to determine which number you’ll use to fill in your created number.

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