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Skill Builder Boxes: Thermometers and Temperature

Skill Builder Boxes: Thermometers and Temperature

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Print out the activity cards and cut them. You will have 4 per page. Laminate to make the activities reusable. The cover pages to each activity set are formatted on an extra page all together if you wanted to print them in a solid color for easy organizing of Math Skill Building Boxes.

Cooler or Warmer? Read the directions to determine if you’re looking for warmer or cooler temperatures. Then look closely at the temperature to figure out which one is warmer or which is cooler.


Reading a Thermometer

Read the thermometers and tell the temperature. Look closely at each thermometer as the measurement internals vary on some cards.

Comparing Temperatures Use the greater than/less than symbols to compare the temperatures of the two thermometers shown on each card.

Weather Temperatures Read the thermometer and determine which picture matches that weather temperature. Then, color in the child that is best dressed for the temperature shown on the thermometer.

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