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Everyday Learn + PLAY

Super Space Learn + PLAY Calendar

Super Space Learn + PLAY Calendar

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The Super Space Learn + PLAY calendar is the perfect way to blast off into the new year!  Seamlessly tie preschool skills together with play throughout the month. This calendar is packed with a month full of activities, 5 bonus activities, and a outer space themed book list! You’ll get directions including photos for all the activities making it as simple as pressing print and you’re off to play! Activities this month focus on shapes, name recognition, one to one correspondence, STEM problem solving, phonics, subtilizing, fine motor skills, creativity, and even more!

Activities to include:

+Name Rocket (name recognition)

+Spin and Cover Shapes (shapes)

+Subitizing Ten Frame (subtilizing, numeracy)

+Planet Look and Find (problem solving)

+Space Trace (fine motor skills, numeracy)

+Letter Star Catcher (alphabet)

+Planet Memory (problem solving, spacial reasoning)

+Marbled Planet Art (open ended, process art)

+Letters in my Name (name recognition, letter recognition)

+Balloon Rocket (STEM)

+Count and Color (one to one correspondence)

+Beginning Sounds in Space (phonics)

+Odds and Evens (numeracy)

+Space Shape Play Dough Mats (shapes)

+If I was an Astronaut (creativity)

+Planet Trace (fine motor skills, STEM)

+Moon Phase Snack (STEM)

+Stack Your Rocket (coordination, counting)

+Planetary Patterns (patterns)

+Alphabet Blast Off (alphabet)

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