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Thankful Leaves

Thankful Leaves

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Print out the traceable leaves and chop the page into four smaller sheets each including one leaf. Have your child trace the shape, write one thing or idea theyare thankful for, color it, and then cut out the leaf. Once the leaf is cut out choose a place or way to display it. (on a window, on a string, tied to a bare branch, etc.) Continue doing this every day throughout the month of November.


One way our family intends to use the thankful leaves is during our morning read aloud time. While I read to the children they will trace, color, and cut out the leaves. My older children will write their own ideas and I will assist my youngest. A permanent marker will work well writing over crayon, colored pencil, or marker.

3 page PDF / Instant download / All downloads are non refundable / If you do not see the file in email you provide be sure to check the junk mail folder. Occasionally they slip into there./ Single classroom or family use only /

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