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To All the World: Africa

To All the World: Africa

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I created this resource because I wanted an easy to implement but meaningful, missions-minded study of geography with my elementary aged children. In connection to this study we will be reading the YWAM Christian Heroes Then & Now chapter books (or picture books). For this specific study we will read the chapter book, David Livingstone: Africa’s Trailblazer

In this resource you’ll find:

Maps. You can use them as visuals, color them, or trace them. Choose a way that suits your family best. I plan to have my younger children color the maps and my oldest will trace the maps to develop an understanding the continent we’re exploring and it’s relationship to the other continents.

Copy Work. We will weave scripture memory in with our geography study by copying/tracing a passage and work to commit it to memory. I included print and cursive options for copy work.

Passport. This is a completely optional component to the study. To make a sort of “memory book” of the people we’ve learned about and the places they traveled each continent will have a passport stamp and passport book (you’ll only need one) You can include the stamp and some facts about either the missionary or the country visited.

Recipe. This is also a completely optional component to the study. However, I find that my children are the happiest learners when they’re snacking.  A very simple, minimal ingredient treat enjoyed by nationals of the country “visited.”

Report. This report can be on either the continent, country, or missionary studied (or all three if you’re ambitious. This simple page is meant to collect information and to serve as an artifact from the study.

Truly, my heart is to make a meaningful resource that makes geography simplified and special. Use the parts of this study as they serve your family best!

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