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Forest Friends Learn + PLAY: A Closer Look

November 4, 2020

The Forest Friends Learn + PLAY calendar is bursting full of forest fun! From mini mushrooms to curious critters you’ll explore all through the forest with activities touching on letter case recognition, numbers all the way to 20, and building those fine motor skills with creativity too! You’ll play your way through practicing regular or skip counting. Measurement is more fun with foliage and you’ll want to grab your clipboard for a sweet and simple nature scavenger hunt! This calendar boasts over 20 all new activities including bonus activities. The calendar includes a materials list, photographs of each activity, a suggested book list, copy work and MORE! You’re going to love exploring with forest friends this month!

One of the best parts of the Learn + PLAY calendar is the photo set up of every activity. See it printed, prepped, and ready for play! Curious to see more of the activities close up?  Here’s a closer look at some of my a favorite activities this month! 

These mini sight word books are actually a sneak peek into a new resource currently in the works! A full collection of sight work books are releasing this month but in the Forest Friends Learn + PLAY calendar you get to enjoy 3 sight word books with a forest theme! 

Mystery Picture is a fan favorite around here! This time we’ll be practicing tally mark counting/recognition. Add the picture puzzle pieces to the Puzzle frame by counting the tally marks and matching it with the puzzle picture pieces. 

Watercolors are kind of a big deal at our house! This printable craft activity is perfect for watercolor enthusiasts and novices a like! Just paint the pieces of the owl, then cut them out and assemble the owl! 

Practicing upper and lowercase letters with these adorable deer track letter cards. These pair perfectly with the alphabet page in the bonus prints section. 

I LOVE this little number line! It’s great for practicing skip counting but for my kindergartener I think we’ll use it as a number line. I’ll print out several of the pages (2 10 point number lines/page) and attach them together. We’ll practice counting as high as we can go and add frog number lines as we count! 

Measure the leaves with unified cubes, a ruler, or any nonstandard measurement you have at home. (paperclips, legos, etc)

Speaking of leaves, you’ll love this leaf counting graph!  Go on a nature walk together as a family and find as many different colored leaves as possible. Color in one box for each leaf. What color has the  most? 

Would you believe this is just the tip of the iceberg! There’s still so much more! Stay tuned to my IG stories to see more activities in action!  @everydaylearnandplay ! 

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