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Make Your Own Thanksgiving BINGO

November 20, 2023

This activity is Thanksgiving kids table PERFECTION!

In our family we love games! This isn’t exclusive to our cute crew. It goes beyond to cousins and even the grown ups! When I created this activity I had the idea that everyone would be able to play whether you’re a preschooler or a middle schooler. It’s also a great craft if you think about it. 

For each player to build their own personal board they have to cut and paste the images in the boxes they choose. This not only builds fine motor skills but also fosters some creativity as no two boards are likely to be the same. 

After gluing all your pieces on the board, you’re all set to play. To make our boards more durable and longer lasting I laminated them! This way we can swap boards and play longer! My cute crew LOVED playing as we anticipate Thanksgiving this week! 

One of mine, who shall remain nameless, wanted to make her board a challenge and decided to leave off the FREE space game tile. Players can win by getting 4 in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally!

To play you’ll need to have a “caller.” To start you’ll print an extra set of all the image cards and cut them out. Add them to an opaque bag – we used a brown bag, to hold all our image cards. Then one player designated as the “caller” gets to pull out pictures one by one and call them out for players. 

This game is so great for several reasons but my favorite is that you need no skill to play. No one is solving math equations or reading words- just recognizing images. It make the game accessible for even our littlest ones. And I’m here to say the big ones like it too! 🙂 

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